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Partner: Vivanco accesorios

Our business object is focused on selling to retailers of a wide range of accessories for audio, video, connectivity, photography, computer telephony; with a catalog of more than 6,000 references. Our additional services ranging from product development sales point, to total management of its staff Vivanco linear meters. The success of our company is based on the user’s knowledge, product, market and business model of each of our retailers customers. This know-how is implemented through our commercial network, placement on the shelf and in-store merchandising, sales promotions and specific offers, advertising and management of product rotation at the point of sale. A network of professionals covering the whole geography, where is your store is Vivanco. Each user demand connected with or without wires, use all the features of your device, aesthetic or functional upgrade your current computer or comfortably carry your laptop. Vivanco strategy is to work with high-tech products to suit the current lifestyle and thus grow the consumer side

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