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Partner: Zown Contract

The Zown Premium Collection redefines the market of lightweight folding polyethylene tables for the professional sector. Metal frames offer more solidness and ergonomics. The table joining system allows the tables to be joined both lengthwise and widthwise. The stan – dard table height is 30”/76.2 cm, thereby providing greater comfort. The square section legs together with the bevelled table top and the warm colour afford an elegant yet simple aesthetic appearance. The collection is particularly apt for those professionals that need furniture that fulfils the following criteria: lightweight and shockproof, robust and adequate weight-bearing capacity, hard-wearing and low maintenan – ce, comfortable for users, simple and safe for frequent assembly and disassembly, easily transported and stored (saving on space), manu – factured from hygienic and washable materials, resistant to moisture and UV rays, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Catering & Maintenance Catalogue.

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